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Spa option with expansion board 24v for fle15-130 flh15-100

Expansion board 24v to control fragrance pump, supply/exhaust fan and light, 2nd temperature input, digital input for:
Electrode model fle15, fle20, fle25, fle30, fle40, fle50, fle65, fle80, fle100, FLE130
Heater model flh15, flh25, flh30, flh40, flh50, flh80, FLH100

The beneficial effect of a steam bath is not only caused by the steam itself. It is the sum of the sensory impressions of humidity, temperature, fragrance and lighting that make up the overall experience. With the 24v steam bath option, the HygroMatik FlexLine can therefore do much more than ?just generate steam" and becomes the central ?Wellness generator". The expansion board offers three additional relays that can be easily parameterized via the convenient touchscreen user interface of the generator control. Together with the basic relay of the main board, it is thus possible, for example, to control the Exhaust fanthe Supply fanthe Lighting and the Fragrance dosing can be activated or deactivated as desired. In addition, there is a further connection option for an additional Temperature sensorwhich, thanks to algorithms integrated in the control unit, can be used for both Averaging (for larger or long baths) as well as for deviation monitoring (double safety) can be used. Since the corresponding connections on the unit are all made on terminals, this option offers a particularly simple connection option for a safe and relaxing steam bath experience.
Functional description
To use the functions Functions light, fragrance, exhaust fan and supply fan functions, relays are used. These switch 24v on request of the tspa control to control the respective component. The base relay on the main board is used to switch the light. The relay extension is required for the 3 additional relays. This is plugged into the main board as part of the option. The relays on the expansion board are used to control the exhaust fan, supply fan, and fragrance. In addition to the 3 additional relay outputs, the extension board enables, among other things, the connection of a 2nd temperature sensor and the use of an additional digital input. The 2nd temperature sensor enables functions such as averaging and monitoring of the temperature. Details can be found in the respective data sheets. The digital input of the relay board makes it possible to combine other functions such as eco, steam surge, steam release and timer functions with the digital input of the main board. The 4 relay connections, the safety chain as well as the temperature sensor of the main board are routed to terminal for easy connection on site.
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