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Sauna profiled wood

Sauna profiled wood - rustic and ecological Our exclusive...

Sauna veneer wood

Sauna veneer wood | heat and moisture resistant wood panels The...

Sauna bench slats

Sauna bench slats for durable design sauna benches Our...

Sauna wood - noble and rustic

Explore our high quality sauna wood offer in our categories below
The assortment offers unique Design-Profiled wood with prefabricated tongue and groove profile, which you can attach to the sauna ceiling or sauna wall without cutting. The profiled woods from domestic forests come from sustainable german production and processing.
Alternatively, we offer an extensive selection of sauna wood panels with Precious veneers from smooth, structured and colored Solid woods or real stone and plant veneers. The large sauna wood panels can be cut individually to create uniquely large sauna panels.