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Foot baths wellness and sauna | Ceramic and Corian Foot baths...


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Experience showers

Experience showers - an overview of all components

Plunge pools

Plunge pool - cooling down while taking a sauna

Drinking fountains

Corian drinking fountain | Fire and Ice Design

Water - wellness and health

Water in all its forms gives endless relaxation and unforgettable experiences. Gentle Tropical rainrefreshing Mist and mighty Waterfalls are accompanied in our experience showers by unique Scents and situational Sounds sounds. Immerse yourself deeply in the harmoniousammensimmerse yourself in the harmonious interplay of the experience showers and transform your personal paradise into an enchanting experience
A sauna session is completed only after the cooling down phase. Allow your customers to experience an incredible sensation by changing cold meet warm meet warm. Both shock - Refreshments by jumping into the plunge pool, as well as Foot baths and Alternating baths in the foot pool force the body to relax and regenerate Regeneration. With FireundIce, water is the epitome of wellness