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Sauna project at leisure pool Nautiland in Würzburg

The wellness & open-air pool in Würzburg is not only very well known among the adjacent residents in the district, but also very popular, because the open wellness area and the very familiar structure ensure that one immediately feels at home and comfortable.

Within the scope of a project work we were allowed to plan and execute both the wellness area and the sauna facility together with our customer. We did not only take over the concept planning, but also the complete order processing, up to the final acceptance. As a professional for saunas and wave measuring systems, it goes without saying that we also provide the stoves and the wood for the sauna.

Of course, the system also includes a sauna and that is exactly what we are talking about in this example, because exactly as shown here, we could make the dream of your own sauna possible for you or you yourself through our store. This Finnish sauna has a nice rustic flair by the stone optics, but at the same time by the straight and very clean, almost meticulously processed sourwood, a modern style, as you are used to from the Finnish sauna.

Due to the medium-sized room and the powerful and exactly proportionally chosen sauna heater, the sauna also heats up very quickly. This eliminates the need for hours of preheating. Ice has become a great project, which has given us and the crafts team a lot of pleasure.

Please visit the Wellness & Outdoor Pool in Würzburg. We look forward to your feedback and any related inquiries.

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Also fancy a professional sauna heater?

Matching our projects you can order our sauna heaters available here in the store from e.g. the manufacturer EOS incl. lots of accessories.

Wellness for your feet

In many wellness areas, which we have planned and realized together with our customers, there are of course also facilities, which are not only about the pure sauna, to these facilities and products belong e.g. our high-quality foot basins. Our foot basins are simple, modern and very robust, as well as very easy to clean.

After a sauna session, there is simply nothing better than to quickly bring your feet and thus your body back to normal temperature and, of course, to increase blood circulation in your feet. Many sauna-goers swear by a well-tempered, or even ice-cold foot bath, after the sauna session. This gives a lot of strength and relaxes at the same time.

Basement conversion of a private property

Great projects in the area of wellness & sauna can be found not only in bathrooms or large facilities, but also in private basements, the best example and one of our heart projects is the wellness sauna area, which we were allowed to plan, accompany and build from a neglected basement in Munich.

Through our good reputation and the mediation through a real estate businessman, who upgrades real estate for his customers according to their wishes, this unique area was created in the first place. In the pictures below, you can see how we planned and built a feel-good oasis from nothing.

In each project, so many trades and craftsmanship know-how intertwine that we can not even count, measure or specify them. Let's say this much, it's fun to accompany the project, to work together with many different trades and people, and then finally to achieve such a great result that it simply knocked the customer's socks off.

Are you looking for wood for your sauna? No problem! With us you get the same sauna wood that we use in our projects. So always only the best of the best for your project.

Basement remodeling project gallery

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Fancy a wood sauna heater?

If you are looking for something rustic for your project or maybe even want to operate your sauna with real wood instead of electric, then we recommend our wood sauna heaters. The heat output of wood heaters is completely different and much more intensive than that of purely electric sauna heaters.

Major project Hotel Bonn

The most beautiful projects are always those in which we and our customers can really let off steam, and the visitor notices this. When all areas of a wellness area are neatly intertwined, the rooms and concepts blend into each other, such an area and the associated project not only appear cohesive and harmonious, but also very inviting to the guest.

In the Hotel Bonn, we supervised the project, including on-site consultation, planning and implementation with procurement of materials, the interaction of the various trades as the number 1 contact partner, from start to finish and continue to do so during maintenance work. Because a great and unique wellness & sauna facility should continue to exist and remain in operation for many years and the guests associated with it, we are also very concerned with the maintenance of the facilities.

For such large projects, we can rely on our network of craftsmen, which has been cultivated over many years and is distributed throughout Germany and the EU. So we continue to be there for our customers even after project completion, and have been for over 25 years.

Heat in a different way. You have certainly sat under a heat lamp or in front of an infrared heater and noticed the soothing warmth that penetrates to your bones. Now imagine the feeling only more intense in a designated sauna. You will not want anything else.

Picture gallery project hotel Bonn - part 1

Here you can see a part of the saunas, e.g. the Finnish sauna, a steam bath and an infrared sauna, which is a real exotic in itself. In the latter, the heat distribution is quite different.

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lmost like in Turkey - Want your own steam bath?

Steam like the big boys in your own steam room, whether in your home sauna/steam room or for your hotel or spa. There is something for every area and size.

Picture gallery project hotel Bonn - part 2

Since the project was not only about saunas, but also about the large wellness & savings area, we would not like to withhold this from you. All areas are monitored and controlled via one or more panels and the sauna control. Pictures of the control are attached.

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Sauna controls

Every good sauna has its control system. Let us advise you or choose one yourself. For private or normal public facilities, we always have a corresponding system in the store, if it should be larger, with display, etc. Talk to us, we know exactly what is right for your facility.

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