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Foot baths wellness and sauna | Ceramic and Corian

Foot baths complete the wellness effect of a sauna session or Kneipp therapy.
Before taking a sauna, a warm footbath in the foot basin prepares the body for sweating, which improves the Blood circulation and relaxation of the feet is promoted. The sauna and a foot bath also complement each other perfectly during rest periods. With lukewarm water the footbather can refresh himself between sauna sessions refresh. At the end of each complete sauna session, a foot bath should definitely be used. A lukewarm foot bath prevents any After-sweating and provides so finally for the optimal Relax experience. To strengthen the Immune system and the Blood vessels blood vessels, the double foot pools in particular can also be used for Alternating baths can also be carried out in the double foot pools. Dipping the feet alternately in warm and cold water has an invigorating effect Hardening result.